Rejected petition Lets make Pawternity Leave a thing

For some, owning a dog is as special and life changing as having child. They truly are mans best friend and provide humans with huge health benefits. I have the same maternal instincts as every other young woman. Yet, because I would rather a dog than a child, this is seen as a lesser life event.

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Heart health - Studies show that dogs are linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and fewer heart attacks. What’s more, dog owners who do have heart attacks have better survival rates following the events.
Reduce stress - Studies show that not only can your canine companion make for a happier home, spending just a few minutes with your dog can lower anxiety levels, and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are two neurochemicals that affect your calm and wellbeing.

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Why was this petition rejected?

It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK Government or Parliament to do.

Petitions need to call on the UK Government or Parliament to take a specific action.

We understand you want pet owners to be able to take leave from work to care for their pets, but we're not sure in what circumstances and we're not sure exactly what you'd like the UK Government of Parliament to do. At the moment this would be for employers to decide.

You could start a new petition explaining clearly what you would like the Government or Parliament to do.

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