Petition Put significant funding directly into youth services in the spending review.

Young people need places to be, activities to do and adult support. Since 2016 over 600 youth centres have shut, 3500 youth workers have lost their jobs. Knife crime and violence is destroying lives and each murder costs over £1M. Youth work prevents problems and builds communities.

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Council funding for youth services has plummeted by almost two-thirds (62%), from just over £1bn in 2008-09 to £388m in 2016-17, with the steepest cuts occurring after 2010. The Guardian 31st Oct 2018

Prof Joseph Mahoney, a child psychologist found that young people were less likely to commit criminal offences if they have the opportunity to mix with better-behaved peers and take part in structured activities ran by respected youth leaders. BBC Reality check 7th April 2018

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