Petition Give us the option to get our driving licence with out the Union Jack flag.

Since the 6th of July, 2015 every new licence issued in England, Wales and Scotland, have had a Union Jack on it. Individuals have put the Welsh flag over the Union Jack as a sticker but the government should reconsider and decide either to get rid of the Union Jack flag or give us the option to.

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If we in Wales, Scotland or England don't consider ourselves to be British, why should we have to carry an I.D. with a flag that's not how we define ourselves?
We should either be able to have an I.D. once again without the British Flag, or get the option to remove the flag on purchase or get the option of which flag to be issued on our licence - The Welsh Flag, The Scottish Flag, The English Flag or The British Flag - but it should be our decision not the government.

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