Closed petition Establish new process to reach consensus on Brexit.

Parliament has been unable to reach a consensus on what it is they want to happen with Brexit.
I propose a two part vote that will answer the question and involve both Parliament and the Electorate.
Firstly, Parliament will vote between the available options;

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1 - May's Deal
2 - Common Market 2.0
3 - No Deal
4 - Revoke Article 50
5 - Customs Union
They are ranked in preference, from 1-5. Their first choice is given 5 points, their bottom choice is given 1.
If an MP chooses to ignore or miss out an option their first choice can only gain a maximum of however many choices they made.
The top 3 would then be put to the Public in the same manner and whichever option receives the highest overall score wins.
Everyone gets a say. Problem solved.

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