Petition Require breeders to take preventative measures against diseases in cats

Before selling Kittens, breeders need to ensure the breeding environment is adequate, the Male and Queen are healthy before breeding, and ALL Kittens should be health tested prior to rehoming.

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Failure to take on these preventative methods should result in prosecution.

We lost our 10 week old Kitten on 31/03/19 to Feline Infectious Peritonitis. We had Willow for 2 weeks before she was diagnosed with the deadly disease and euthanised. Our other cats are now at risk of the same fate.

Currently, there is no law to protect people who have lost out financially and have suffered a huge emotional impact.

If breeders were required by law to health check kittens and carry out preventative procedures, this could greatly assist in the clampdown of backyard breeding.

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