Petition Public areas & Food places to have Epi Pens for food allergies

My son was diagnosed with a Nut allergy after he had a reaction in 2018. This can lead to Anaphylaxis & it is life threatening. An Epi Pen is an adrenaline injection which is vital after a reaction. I think public places should have epi pens available.

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Anaphylaxis is led by an allergic reaction. This can lead to fatalities as we sadly know following recent stories in the media. As an anxious mum of a nut allergy sufferer, I would feel more comfortable knowing that all public food places had an Epi Pen in house in case of an emergency situation. This can treat symptoms until emergency services arrive & can save lives if injected ASAP. They should be at least as widely available in public places as defibrillators now are.

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