Petition Ban the sale of live plucked goose and duck down pillows in British shops.

In countries such as China, feathers as plucked from live geese and ducks to supply us with down for our pillows and coats. These birds are held down and plucked from whilst alive, then sewn back together with a needle, under no anaesthesia, to make sure they can regrow these feathers.

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Birds would be pinned down while they are literally ripped apart for their feathers before being sewn back together with no painkillers,” said Anne Brainard, Peta’s corporate affairs manager.
In buying these pillows from Hungary and China, (possibly also Siberia) we are condoning this horrific behaviour. Large chain stores sell these pillows as ‘luxuries’. I doubt many people know that they were not luxuriously harvested. Shops in the UK should not sell this cruelty

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