Petition Amend the Road Traffic Act to recognise unborn babies killed post 24 weeks old

Our unborn daughter was killed by a dangerous driver. Despite our having to register her birth and death, he could not be prosecuted for death by dangerous driving. The law does not recognise a baby that has not taken a breath of oxygen outside the womb as a person for dangerous driving offences.

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The Infant Life (Preservation Act) 1929 protects the rights of unborn babies post 24 weeks gestation and can lead to 'Child Destruction' charges in cases of assault. Similar provision should be made to prosecute dangerous drivers who kill unborn children. This would give justice to grieving families, act as a deterrent to dangerous driving and to remove a huge anomaly in UK Law. This will have NO impact on current UK abortion rights as they are protected in the Infant Life Preservation Act.

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