Petition Leasehold Reforms Must Apply To Shared Ownership. We want Commonhold.

We are treated as an ordinary 100% leaseholder when it comes to shouldering the burden of 100% maintainance fees, service charges, lease extension premiums without the financial stake or legal backing. Shared Ownership is sold as Affordable Housing but it is not and desperately needs legal reform

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*Unregulated Service charges
*Unaffordable Admin fees,Valuers fees for Lease Extensions, Selling & Staircasing
*Unfairly priced Leasehold extensions where H/As are allowed to charge 100% extension premium regardless of % owned
*Staircasing and Selling is costly, complicated and difficult. Staircasing is not encouraged.
*Landlords should contribute toward Essential Maintainance since they own a financial stake
*Rent is dead money & unfairly reviewed yearly at RPI (not a true form of inflation)

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