Petition Zero-rate VAT on deep retrofit/eco-refurbishment building works on all homes

We are now living with climate breakdown and urgently need to stimulate the retrofit market to reduce energy and carbon emissions of existing buildings. Claiming the 5% rate of VAT on "energy saving measures" (VAT notice 708/6) is not straightforward and does not cover all retrofit elements.

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The removal of VAT would act as a much needed incentive for homeowners to carry out "whole house" responsible and moisture robust retrofit works. The UK Green Building Council report titled "Retrofit Incentives" published in July 2013 explores these issues in section 4.5 titled "Reduced Rate of VAT for energy efficiency". While we recognise that in 2012 there were some legal obstacles to achieving this, given the new context of a climate emergency, we urge that this matter is readdressed.

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