Petition Cross-party discussions by Christmas 2019 to end social care funding shortfall

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The pressures on Adult Social Care are well-documented, most recently in Panorama's Crisis in Care film made with Somerset County Council. Funding hasn’t kept pace with demand as our population ages

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A long-term plan is urgently needed to end the funding shortfall and support the future of care. Successive Governments have not addressed the issue & a cross-party approach should now be a national priority.

In 20 years the %age of people in England aged 65+ will rise from 18% to 24%.

The LGA estimates that by 2025 the national ASC funding gap will be £3.6bn.

The County Council Network estimates by 2024/25 councils will need to spend an extra £6.1bn every year on ASC, compared to 2015/16.

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