Petition Repeal the archaic Weeds Act 1959 to benefit pollinators and wider biodiversity.

This Act drives destruction of native wildflower species so essential to the survival of pollinators & other wildlife. Plants targeted by the Act include common & creeping thistle - both rich sources of nectar, ragwort with its 177 pollinators & dock an important food plant for many insects.

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Invertebrate populations are undergoing catastrophic declines within the UK - with pollinators amongst the hardest hit. The Weeds Act 1959 was devised when agriculture was less sophisticated than it is today and there was little scientific justification even then for the five native wildflowers it targeted. Despite all the changes in modern farming practices, which have rendered obsolete its original justification, the Weeds Act still drives the over-tidiness & sterility of our rural landscapes.

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