Petition Ban the use of commercial sunbeds in the UK.

Skin cancer rates continue to soar in the UK. Melanoma kills 7 people per day. Experts in Australia say that rates of melanoma have reduced since they banned them. It is estimated by 2025, treatment of skin cancers will cost the NHS £465m a year. A ban would indirectly support our NHS. Please sign.

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Melanoma can be a deadly disease. Since we launched the first petition for a ban in 2018, 2,555 have died of melanoma. The World Health Organisation, NHS, Macmillan, CRUK and all melanoma charities, say in one voice "Sunbed tanning is no safer than sun tanning" Please sign this petition and support a ban on these machines.;jsessionid=6F5B14C21F784CC479B1734435518C86?sequence=1

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