Petition Publish All Dates For Hunting With Hounds On Forestry Commission Land

The Forestry Commission licences a number of fox hunts to use land that it owns & manages, but publishes nothing about which hunts will be on its land & when. The National Trust chose to do this prior to the 2017/18 hunting season, and the Forestry Commission should do the same.

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On 07/03/2019, Ian Gambles, Acting CEO of the Forestry Commission, stated in an article that 'evidence should be given to one of our local offices if there is suspicion that someone may be breaking the terms or conditions of an agreement, permission or licence from the Forestry Commission'. However, at present, this is difficult to do, as there is no public information on which hunts are licensed & when. The Forestry Commission should publish this information to provide transparency.

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