Petition Hold a binding two-tier referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

The UK has been treading water for over 3 years. The failure of the Government to resolve Brexit is to blame. Parliament is divided.

Employ a two-tier referendum to deliver a clear and ultimate mandate from the People to either deliver a form of Brexit or revoke Article 50.

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The two-tier referendum would consist of two binary votes:

1. Vote A: the existing (or amended) EU Deal vs No Deal; then

2. Vote B: [winner of Vote A] vs Revoke Article 50.

The vote would not be indicative, it would be binding; meaning that the Government of the day would be compelled, no matter their politics, to deliver it.

Upon delivery, the People should be given the opportunity to press reset via a General Election to choose an administration capable of taking the UK forward.

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