Closed petition Make it an offence to create & distribute fakenews for political/financial gain

For years, there've been concerns with fake news and misinformation: the Breaking Point poster, the BrexitBattleBus £350 million, Anti-Vaxxers, and climate-denialists. These lies threaten our very democracy, and our health. We should make it an offence to spread lies for political and financial gain

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Over the past few years there has been an increase in the prevalence of fake news:

-The imminent accession of turkey to the EU
-Curvy Bananas
-Banning prawncocktail crisps

This fake news is generated for political and financial gain and weakens our democracy. One hopes all in government would support this proposal as it aims to defend our democracy and ensure the spread of truth. Logically, should they disagree with this proposal, the government must advocate fake-news

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