Closed petition Ban pelagic trawlers, attach pingers to all boats, stop slaughter of dolphins.

Last year the Margiris Super Trawler was off the coast of Sussex, this trawler has been banned around the world, due to the damage to marine mammals. Since then several large pelagic factory ships have been operating around the coast. consequently 100s of dead dolphins have washed up on beaches.

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The UK Government should work internationally to ban these trawlers and remove them from UK waters. All fishing vessels that fish our seas to have pingers attached, that deter dolphins from being in the area of the net. Reducing the number of large trawlers, would make the sea more sustainable, plus allowing more fish to be caught by the local fisherman, retaining more jobs and prosperity in seaside towns. The increase in dolphin numbers would also encourage tourists to visit these towns, giving coastal resorts an investment at no cost.

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