Rejected petition Make constitutional referenda in the UK & constituent countries more democratic.

UK has held 2 recent 'democratic' crucial constitutional referenda, Scottish Independence Scexit vote & the UK Brexit vote. Neither vote has taken the whole electorate with them, leaving winning & losing sides bitter. In future make them fair via Confirmatory Votes &/or turnout & win hurdles (%'s).

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Debate the issue of 'fair & democratic' referenda in future & how they are delivered if ever held again i.e.;
reasons for having them
level of MP's & voter support required 2 instigate one
turnout hurdle % say 75%
win hurdle % say 60% (2 combined = 45% for change 2 happen)
requirement for independent evidence in support or otherwise of the outcomes voted on
the requirement for a confirmatory vote if there are no hurdles OR in combination with a range of hurdle options.

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