Closed petition Run a Public Awareness Campaign about the Climate and Ecological Emergency

We need the government to run a ‘Climate and Ecological Awareness’ public information campaign that will reach as wide an audience as possible. The government has carried out such campaigns in the past for issues that posed far less danger to our well-being, for example the anti-smoking campaign.

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The UK Committee on Climate Change is telling us that we are not currently on track for our 2050 net-zero target and we are likely to see global warming of 2-4 degrees by the end of this century. This is far higher than the levels deemed ‘safe’ in the IPCC special report of 2018. Many of us are oblivious to the damage that we wreak daily on our environment by our activities.

We all need to get involved in facing the challenge, so that the UK can be a role-model for the rest of the world.

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