Rejected petition Legalise commercial culivation for UK citizens at 22.5% stimulating the economy

Due to fall and risk to the UK public in times of need and distress, we need to stimulate economic growth allow money to flow and circulate around the economy will prevent a recession or even a possible recession, with people benefiting from the uv light and boosting morale in a difficult time.

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Stimulate the economy with extra source of employment.
Allow funding for start ups
Legalise commercial and private cultivation with a prison of a easily obtainable licence
Government incentive
Increase and sustain gdp through exports and UK trade
I believe in a time of need can help in many ways not just to deal with things, but bring us the public closer to the planet which we have distanced from. Cannabis has many health benefits and properties and I feel it unlawful for us not to explore this

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