Closed petition Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival

The Yulin festival in China is an annual event which sees thousands of dogs slaughtered. They are treated in the most inhumane ways possible, healthy dogs are skinned and boiled alive for human consumption at the festival. They are kept in tiny cages with others and some of the dogs are stolen.

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This treatment of the animals, regardless of species, is absolutely against what defines the human race. Watching the dogs scream in pain as they are boiled or skinned alive is utterly disgusting and allows us to question the type of people to attend. If animals are killed for meat, this should be done humanely rather than torture.

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MPs to debate efforts to end the global dog and cat meat trade

MPs will debate efforts to end the global dog and cat meat trade on Wednesday 14 July in Westminster Hall, a debating chamber in the House of Commons.

This will be a general debate. General debates allow MPs to debate important issues, however they do not end in a vote nor can they change the law.

The debate will start at around 11.00am and last for up to half an hour. Watch it here this Wednesday:

You'll be able to read a transcript of the debate a few hours after it happens:

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