Rejected petition Press Universities to reconsider the continuation of assessments during COVID 19

Put pressure on Universities to reconsider asking undergraduate and postgraduate students to submit assessments, coursework and exams during the COVID 19 pandemic as the quality of performance will be inevitably hindered because of the unprecedented circumstances students are facing.

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Student mental health and wellbeing is a top priority for Higher Education institutions and without a doubt the current pandemic of COVID 19 is causing unprecedented effects on students and thus hindering their ability to perform to their full potential. From physical health which may be affected by COVID 19, to emotional wellbeing taking a hit thanks to a culmination of factors students are stressing over at the minute, the expectation for students to submit quality work is unfair and unjust.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

Decisions about university teaching, assessments and exams are a matter for individual universities, and decisions about university admissions are a matter for individual universities and UCAS, not the UK Government or Parliament.

If you have concerns about admissions you should raise these with UCAS, and if you have concerns about your university's arrangements for teaching and assessment you should raise these with your university or the Office for Students, which regulates the higher education sector.

We understand that the current situation is stressful for many people, including students. Student Minds, a mental health charity for students, is collating guidance and developing resources to support students experiencing stress as a result of the current situation, which you may find useful:

You can find out more about coronavirus and how you can protect yourself and others here:

NHS website:
UK Government website:

You can read NHS tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus here:

You may also be interested to know that because of the large number of petitions that have been started in relation to coronavirus, the Petitions Committee has been questioning the Government about its response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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