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Petition Start an All-Party Beveridge-Style ‘Futures’ Report

In 1942, with Britain at a low ebb, and no-one sure of the war's outcome, the National Government set up the Beveridge Report.

The Government should work with the House of Commons to immediately agree to support, constitute & resource a new Beveridge-style 'Futures' report, starting straightaway.

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We must think and act with foresight over what we want the UK to be like ‘after’.

Beveridge asked what we'd learnt from the 20s/30s. What do we want now? How do we act now to prepare?

Much could be better, after, when the pandemic ends: politics, the economy, social issues, environment, health, etc. However, first reactions may just be relief, gratitude and a 'return to normality’/‘business as usual’.

We need to think bigger and better, now, in preparation for the medium-/long-term future.

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