Closed petition Work with regulators and exam providers to clarify exam arrangements for 2021

The Government should work with Ofqual, Ofsted and other organisations (eg. the IBO) to determine how pupils taking exams in 2021 will be treated. This should include determining grade boundaries, whether exams will be moved, whether pupils will retake a year, and whether courses will be cut down.

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The Government provided clarification on year 11 and 13 exams this year, but students who will be taking their exams next year have been left in uncertainty. Current year 10 and 12 students won’t have the chance to sit mock exams this year, and may have no predicted grades for applying to university or college.

As a year 12 IB student it is difficult to study work from home when I don’t know what is happening next year, and what the content of exams will be.

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