Closed petition Provide funding to colleges & apprenticeships for eco-community house building

COVID19 has catastrophic effects for the UK. Apprentices in trades such as construction have been sacked before completing their training. FE Colleges will lose vital funding and staff, damaging the educational system for generations.

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Skills training must continue online using new ideas, methods. But to highest energy A standard and open to all.

For UK's shattered economy to bounce back, we must harness our wartime spirit and ingenuity. While academic subjects can be assessed for qualifications, trades cannot. We had a skills gap before, we face a chasm now. With the collapse of hospitality, retail, theatres etc we have a pool of potentially millions of recruits, unemployed and needing jobs We need to build 300,000 homes, to zero carbon standards, no compromise. Build fast: Build well, Build Eco, Build a greener Britain!

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