Closed petition Fund more advertising for helplines for children and domestic violence victims

Domestic violence victims and children no longer have the escape of work or school, or being able to ask a friend or teacher for help. We need more adverts showing the text and helpline numbers on tv during the lockdown, so that victims and children know where they can reach to for help.

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We are being told to stay home for safety during the pandemic. However, this may not be the case for those trapped in homes with people who use violence and abuse. For some people, home is not a safe place to be, so being confined to the house can increase incidents of domestic violence. We know a heightened state of anxiety and stress is likely to make this a more dangerous time for women and children.

We need to be aware of how this may impact victims of domestic violence/children in the home. Without the escape of work/school, or having a friend/teacher to confide in and ask for help without being over heard by an abuser, regular adverts shown on the tv with text numbers and helplines can make a huge difference to them.

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