Closed petition Let the whole UK elect the London Mayor; a position of growing national interest

We want the Government and Parliament to change the election process and allow the nation to elect the Mayor of London. We want the voting and electoral structures amended so as to include all eligible UK voters to participate in electing our Capital’s Mayor.

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The position of London Mayor has changed beyond recognition and in doing so has become a platform of national interest. Like no other City Mayor, the position has entered global politics and the media has gives it real international reach; where allied Presidents take note and EU leaders discuss citizenship. The UK must feel connected with its capital city; it is now the democratic thing to do. London belongs to the nation, it is ‘Our Capital‘ and it serves the world, not just London anymore.

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Government responded

This response was given on 8 July 2020

Government will not extend London mayoral elections to all UK voters. The London Mayor is directly accountable to London’s electorate, because it is Londoners whom the Mayor serves.

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Government has no plans to extend voting on election for Mayor of London to the electorate of the United Kingdom. The electoral mandate of the London Mayor comes directly from whom the Mayor serves – Londoners; the Mayor is directly accountable to the London electorate for the decisions they make.

The Mayor sets the overall vision for the capital through his strategies. The Mayor has responsibilities for much of London’s public transport and road networks, the environment, its housing, planning, regeneration, and economic development. Through the Mayor’s office for Policing and Crime, the Mayor performs the duties of Police and Crime Commissioner for London; the Mayor is also responsible for fire and rescue services in the capital. In these areas, the Mayor can directly affect the lives of Londoners.

London households are also directly affected by the mayor’s taxing decisions. They pay the additional precept set by the Mayor, which is charged to meet the costs of the Mayor and the mayoral functional bodies, over and above each London Borough’s council tax bill. As such, it is essential that Londoners have the direct, democratic choice on who the Mayor is, and the ability, if they choose, to elect a different one at the next opportunity

If elected by all UK voters, a mayor would no longer be representative of the city or region they are elected to govern. The current arrangement in London provides for accountability at the appropriate level, through appropriately focused local democracy. The Local Recovery White Paper will empower Mayors across England with deeper and consistent powers, supported by place-based economic development funds. In this, the White Paper aims to deliver economic renewal and to unleash the potential of all our cities, towns and regions. The White Paper sets out the government’s long-term vision and framework for all areas in England to access devolution enabling decision-making to take place at the right spatial tier.

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government