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Petition Ensure the NHSX Covid-19 Contact Tracing App Protects User Privacy

NHSX are developing a contact tracing app to reduce the transmission of Covid-19

We request that the app use the more secure decentralized model of data collection (meaning data stays on a user's device) rather than putting user privacy at risk by storing data externally on a centralized server.

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It is crucial that sensitive location and medical data is collected and stored securely.

With a centralized approach, all user data is collected, processed, and stored on a single centralized system.

With a decentralized approach, user data remains on the handset of the individual. Used only to serve anonymous alerts to other app users after a confirmed diagnosis.

To effectively combat Covid-19 the app will need to be used by up to 60% of the population. This means public trust in the app is key.

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