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Petition Create a ‘Day of Rest’ in each calendar week as we come out lockdown.

The lockdown has proved that we as a nation can not only survive but also thrive when we’re forced to Slow down and bring about a natural pause or stop in our busy lives. The environment and wild animal species have been allowed in many respects to return to ‘their normal’ as pollution levels drop.

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To return to having a day of rest where planes, trains and transport systems were halted for 24hrs, where businesses and schools re charged through ‘stopping’ and allowed employees and pupils to rejuvenate or work from home.
Carbon emissions targets would surely be more obtainable.
This doesn’t have to be based on the old model of a religious day of rest, but of course those who wish to return to still contemplation and prayer could do so. It would be more powerful as an international movement.

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