Closed petition Reform child maintenance support from self-employed non-resident parents

This should include utilising all data available, including CIS RTI data, to verify and check declared self-assessment gross profit figures, and implementing measures to collect accrued debt for repeated and persistent non-payment cases at source, such as from SA tax refunds.

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According to CMS statistics on the Collect and Pay service, £20 million due is unpaid every quarter; 32% paid no maintenance for q/e March 20. Non-payment relates to 111k+ children, without looking to unpaid maintenance under Direct Pay or false calculations for complex earners.

Child maintenance needs to be treated in the same way as tax and not seen as a benefit, to ensure more children receive the correct financial support they are legally entitled to. Help lift these children out of poverty.

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Share your experiences of the Child Maintenance Service

On Thursday 24 June, Lord Farmer will lead a debate on Child Maintenance Service reform in the House of Lords.

To inform the debate, Lord Farmer wants to hear about your experiences of the Child Maintenance Service. He may quote your contribution directly during his debate, so please don’t share anything you wouldn’t want to be made public.

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The deadline for contributions is 12noon on Wednesday 23 June.

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