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Petition Allow Salons and Tattoo parlors to open at same time as hairdressers

We would like all Beauty salons, Aesthetic Clinics, Semi Permanent Makeup Salons and Tattoo Parlours to be placed in the same category as hair salons when considering who can open in the next phase of Covid-19 recovery strategy.

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I myself am a Semi Permanent Makeup artist and having worked in this industry, know how incredibly sterile our environments are. Even before Covid-19 we would sanitise our work stations before and after each client, wear face masks to prevent breathing in airborne blood spores, disposable gloves and disposable aprons. As well as using equipment that is either single use or protected with barrier tape and then sterilised after.

I feel that we’re in a better position than hair salons to protect ourselves and our clients against infection and therefore should be put in the same category as them.

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E-petition session on easing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

On Wednesday 15 July, the Petitions Committee will hold its first ever hybrid ‘e-petitions session’ in response to petitions relating to the easing of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, including this one.

MPs will discuss the Government’s approach to easing the lockdown, in light of petitions about easing Covid-19 restrictions on certain sectors, businesses and activities which have gained over 287,000 signatures. Chloe Smith MP, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, will respond for the Government.

This session has been scheduled because sittings in Westminster Hall (where e-petitions are normally debated) are still suspended as part of Parliament’s arrangements for adapting to the Coronavirus outbreak, and because the Government has not provided more time for debates on e-petitions in the main Chamber of the House of Commons.

In this session, MPs will be able to take part in person or remotely via video link. This will be the first time that MPs will discuss e-petitions in this new hybrid format. Petitions sessions and debates are an opportunity for MPs to discuss the important issues raised by petitions, however they cannot directly change the law or result in a vote to implement the request of the petition.

Watch live from 2.30pm on Wednesday 15 July:

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