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Petition Offer more support to the arts (particularly Theatres and Music) amidst COVID-19

As we pass the COVID-19 Peak, the Government should: State where the Theatres and Arts fit in the Coronavrius recovery Roadmap, Create a tailor made financial support mechanism for the Arts sector & Clarify how Social Distancing will affect arts spaces like Theatres and Concert Venues.

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In their plan to restart the economy, the government has addressed hospitality sectors such as restaurants and cinemas. They've stated how the sports will be resumed after the lockdown period. But there has been no mention of the arts. On 13 May Robert Jenrick was directly asked to pledge to protect this industry, which could be without income longer than other sectors, but he failed to give a clear answer. This further shows how the arts are being overlooked. The Govt must show more support for arts.

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Parliament debated this petition on 25 June 2020

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Government announces £1.57 billion funding for cultural, arts and heritage institutions

Last month MPs in the House of Commons discussed support for UK industries, including the arts and heritage sectors, in a debate arranged by the Petitions Committee. This debate was held in response to a number of popular petitions on this issue, including this one.

The Government has now announced £1.57bn in additional support to help cultural and heritage organisations, through a mixture of emergency grants and loans.

Find out more about the additional support announced by the Government:

During the debate on 25 June, many MPs highlighted the impact of the pandemic on the arts and heritage sectors, and called on the Government to provide support.

Watch the debate:

Read the transcript:

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MPs to debate petitions calling for support for UK industries in response to Covid-19

The Petitions Committee, which is the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system, has agreed to schedule a debate in the House of Commons Chamber on Thursday 25 June on petitions calling for support for UK industries in response to Covid-19.

The debate is being held in response to the huge number of petitions, including the one you signed, that call for the Government to provide support for UK industries in response to Covid-19.

The start time of the debate will depend on other parliamentary business, but you can follow the Petitions Committee on Twitter @HoCpetitions, where we will post updates on when we expect the debate to start.

You will be able to watch the debate live here:

A transcript will be published the following day here:

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