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The government should introduce a tax on all commodities and activities that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For example, there should be a tax on flying by plane etc.

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The government should do this to help the fight against climate change. As the price of carbon-emitting activities increase, the consumption of such products should decrease, which should cause more people to shift to renewable energy. This could greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the UK.

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Government respond to report on prioritising the climate and nature in post-covid recovery

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) published the Government's response to their report, "Growing back better: putting nature and net zero at the heart of the economic recovery."

In its report the EAC put forward a number of recommendations stressing the need for the economic recovery from covid-19 to be addressed in tandem with prioritising environmental priorities on climate change and nature recovery.

In a response to the report, the Government confirmed that the National Infrastructure Bank—set up to finance infrastructure projects across the UK—will be a public institution on a permanent basis. They have committed to reviewing the case for broadening the Bank’s mandate to include improving the UK’s natural capital, before bringing forward legislation to put the Bank on a statutory footing.

The Government response includes responses to the Committee’s recommendations on:

  • Transport infrastructure and nature recovery 
  • Homes and energy efficiency
  • Industry, particularly carbon border adjustments
  • Investment in nature
  • VAT reductions
  • Green finance

Read a summary of the Government response:

Read the full Government response:

Read the Committee's report:

What is the Environmental Audit Committee?

The Environmental Audit Committee is a cross-party group of MPs who look into how Government policies and departments contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development. The Committee is independent of the Government.

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