Rejected petition Stop Mandatory UK Covid-19 vaccines and uphold freedom of choice

Covid-19 crisis has brought much discussion about possible mandatory vaccinations in the future. No vaccines should be given until full parliamentary scrutiny has occurred. To do so would be a direct failure to uphold freedom of choice or respect our most basic laws.

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The amount of mis-truths, inaccurate reporting, contradictory and censoring of information is fuelling a strong suspicion that any C-19 vaccinations would do more harm than good.

Before C-19 vaccinations are given, scrunity of effectiveness / side-effects must be reviewed. Evidence from experts including anti-vac'ers should be considered. Equal review should be applied to companies and individuals who stand to benefit.

Until then the law must be upheld with freedom of choice at it's core.

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It is already against the law for people to be required to undergo medical treatment, including vaccinations. The Coronavirus Act 2020 has not changed this.

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