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Petition Review planning legislation to include facilities for HGV drivers.

Review planning legislation to force councils to include adequate safe and secure HGV parking with refreshment and washing facilities for drivers when allowing large distribution parks to be built, based on percentage capacity, or when undertaking major road improvement or construction works.

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HGV traffic is a direct indication on the health of a nation's economy. Providing drivers with adequate parking areas prevents conflict with those who disapprove of this vital industry, protects the welfare of the driver and improves road safety and the safety of the vehicle. It will encourage new blood to the industry.

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This response was given on 14 October 2020

We recognise the importance of high quality facilities for HGV drivers, which is why we’ve encouraged Local Planning Authorities and developers to consider overnight facilities where appropriate.

We have recently introduced policy that local plans and decisions should recognise the importance of adequate overnight lorry parking facilities. Consequently, proposals for new or expanded distribution centres should include provision for sufficient lorry parking to cater for their anticipated use. This policy is set out in our National Planning Policy Framework ( This must be taken into account when local authorities are preparing their local plans and is a material consideration in planning decisions.

We introduced this policy following the National Survey of Lorry Parking, ( a comprehensive study of the capacity and utilisation of HGV facilities published in 2018. We are working closely with DfT and across Government to consider innovative ideas to boost the quality of HGV facilities. As part of this, we will look to understand how our policy is working in practice, and to identify further opportunities for planning to support high quality HGV facilities.

As part of our wider agenda for planning reform, we have published our Planning for the Future ( proposals for future reforms to the planning system. We are consulting on these proposals until 29 October, and would welcome views on planning for high quality HGV facilities as part of that.

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

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