Closed petition Independence Referendum for Liverpool City Region.

We ask HM Government that there be a referendum in the 6 boroughs of the LCR to ask the people if we should form a new state, independent of the UK. We have consistently defied the political landscape of the rest of the country, with 16 of the 17 seats that the LCR spans having been won by Labour.

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We also voted to remain in the EU as a region by over 51%. Furthermore, the region has consistently unidentified with the rest of the UK, as seen through the rise of #ScouseNotEnglish, 75% of Liverpudlians being of Irish descent, and the city being nicknamed as "East Dublin". Not to mention two polls by the Liverpool Echo - one ongoing - both returning that a staggering 73% of people would like to see our great region secede from the UK as of 31/05/20. It is clear to see we want a referendum.

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