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Petition Give British Basketball appropriate funding

British Basketball has been underfunded for years, leaving the professional league in the UK at an extremely precarious position during the current pandemic. I would like the government to give the BBL the requested 1 million pounds asked for by Sir Rodney Walker to survive the current situation.

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I would like the government to fulfil the basketball community’s request as basketball has been proven to be one of the most popular sports by participation. According to Statista, Rugby League had 62,000 participants playing it in the UK whereas Basketball had 280,000 participating in the UK. Rugby League was given 15 million pounds, basketball was given nothing. The loss of the league would be extremely detrimental to Basketball in the UK.

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On 8 September, MPs debated the Government's spending on support measures for culture, media and sport during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

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