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Closed petition Introduce Gender and Race equity for GCSE English Literature set texts

The UK Government should be doing more to ensure that books written by women and by BAME authors are not only on the English Literature GCSE curriculum, but also become required reading.

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The curriculum states that students should study:
- at least one play by Shakespeare
- at least one 19th century novel
- a selection of poetry since 1789
- fiction or drama from the British Isles from 1914

Based on the current reading list, it is too easy for students to only read white male authors.

The following two statements should be added to the curriculum:
- at least one selected text should be written by a female author
- at least one selected text should be written by a BAME author

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MPs to examine Black history and cultural diversity in the curriculum

The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee will hear from petition creators and other campaigners and experts in an 'evidence session' on Black history and cultural diversity. This session is the result of the petition you signed and others calling for changes to the curriculum which have received hundreds of thousands of signatures.

The Petitions Committee will be working with the Women and Equalities Committee and MPs from the Education Committee.

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