Closed petition Make motor vehicle users’ insurers liable for accidents with cyclists

My wife who works for the NHS was abused on the road with me. I also have read other NHS staff on cycles have been abused on the roads. The future needs us to share the road and have respect for each other. I have safely cycled on other roads in countries where the laws are fair to the cyclist.

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I would like the Government to look at our law and change it more towards the strict liability in place in the Netherlands where the motorist’s insurer is deemed liable to pay damages unless the cyclist deliberately caused the collision or was in error in some way. I think this would make road users more aware of cyclists. It could also make it safer for families to cycle on the road. This could also make it safer for NHS staff who cycle to work.

I would like the attitude of road users to be more considerate to help the UK become more of a safer cycling nation. To have a brighter, fitter nation encouraging people of all ages.

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