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Closed petition Make it illegal for someone to dress in Blackface

Why should it be illegal? Blackface started in minstrel shows 200 years ago.White performers darkened their skin with and wore tattered clothing to represent a caricature of a black person. This was intended to be funny to white audiences. But to the black community, they were demeaning and hurtful

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Blackface has been used at the Lewes annual bonfire.Partakers have worn blackface & animal skins. Feigning ignorance is unacceptable.Using the guise of fancy dress as a means to be out rightly racist in this way is reprehensible. Blackface. Brownface are hurtful, insensitive & shouldn't be made light of nor tolerated in the UK.It should be a chargeable offence under the Public Order Act or Racial & Religious Hatred Act.At a minimum in public social gatherings.See Toronto, Canada for eg. Support anti-racism

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