Closed petition Make prescriptions free for everyone with Cystic Fibrosis

Back in 1968 people with CF were not included on the medical exemption list as children with cf were not expected to make it to adulthood. Now the median life expectancy for those living with cystic fibrosis is 37. This lack of an exemption needs to be revised.

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Many people in the UK with cystic fibrosis have to pay prescription charges. I feel this is so wrong when a lot of others are exempt yet some with cystic fibrosis are expected to pay. Some people with CF have to take up to 11 different types of tablets a day, without antibiotics. Why should they be made to pay for prescriptions? We need to make this change. It’s hard enough living with cystic fibrosis, let alone having to find the money to pay for all prescriptions or a yearly payment.

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