Closed petition Support Dance schools and venues that provide dance activities amidst COVID-19

The Government should state where the Dance Schools and venues that provide dance classes and socials to the community fit in the Covid19 recovery roadmap, create a tailor-made financial support mechanism for the Dance sector & clarify how help will be provided. Many dance schools are suffering.

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Every Dance school teaching Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, Tango etc. has been severely affected.

A plan to restart this sector is required, the government has addressed other hospitality and sport sectors, but no mention of the Dance schools and community, which will be closed much longer than other sectors.

Dance schools are not being included in any official announcements regarding the pandemic and is leaving so many dance businesses in the UK in jeopardy.

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DCMS Committee to hear from sports facility representatives on surviving the pandemic

On Tuesday 12 December, a group of MPs called the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee will hear from the gym industry on making sure our sports facilities, including pools and leisure centres, can survive the pandemic.

Watch the session from 10 am on Tuesday 12 January on Parliament’s streaming site:

This 'evidence session' is part of the Committee's inquiry into Sport in our communities. The Committee will hear from two panels:

Panel 1 (10 am to 11 am)
Rich Emerson, CEO, The Climbing Academy, and Chair of the Association of British Climbing Walls.
Rebecca Passmore, UK Managing Director, PureGym

Panel 2 (11 to 12 pm)
Marg Mayne, CEO, Mytime Active, and Treasurer of Community Leisure UK
Huw Edwards, CEO, ukactive

The session is part of a longer inquiry looking into Sport in our communities. You can find out more here:

You can get involved with the inquiry by recording your own video message or short film to answer the question: What does community sport mean to me?

You must follow current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions when filming your video- do not put yourself and others at risk. You can use animation, film your video indoors and you don’t need to film outside. We want to hear about why community sport is important to you and why it matters to you.

Find out more here:

Further information

Find out how to get involved in the work of the UK Parliament:

Find out about the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee:

Follow the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Twitter:
@CommonsDCMS and take part in this discussion with #MyCommunitySport

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