Rejected petition Deport all immigrants who have committed serious offences.

Foreign criminals who commit acts of terrorism, rape,murder and all other serious offences to be deported to their country of origin,Immediately after their prison sentence.Not released back into the British community and putting British law abiding citizens in danger and at risk.We need protecting.

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196 terrorist were freed in a seven-year period (2013-2020) according to information released on the eve of the Commons vote on alaw that would keep them prison for longer. Yet, time and time again we are seeing foreign nationalist re- offending and allowed to roam freely in our communities. More often than not reoffending. Rapist are rarely ever sentenced adequately and allowed to roam free.
We have laws for a reason. If people coming here can not stick to them, they need to leave. PROTECT US

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With a few exceptions, foreign criminals who commit serious offences must already be deported, so we're not sure what else you'd like to happen.

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