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Petition Rule out ending the transition period without a deal

The government must absolutely and 100% rule out the possibility of leaving the EU (ending the transition period) without a deal!!! We are still in the middle of Covid-19 and business already affected by that

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And no deal means medication shortages!!!!

SO I ask the government to take no deal off the table!!!

Plenty of lives lost to Covid-19 and plenty of people who have lost jobs

So rule out ending the transition period without a deal!!

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Government responded

This response was given on 6 November 2020

The UK will not extend the transition period and the deadline to do so has passed. The Government’s priority is to ensure access to medicines and medical products: preparations for this are underway.

The deadline by when an extension could have been agreed, which was 1 July 2020, has now passed. The Government has been consistently clear that the transition period will end on 31 December 2020, as enshrined in UK law. Not extending the transition period is therefore a matter of the rule of law and a clear commitment of the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto.

We left the EU with a deal back in January. Planning for the end of the transition period is well underway – coordinated by the XO Cabinet Committee – to make sure that we are ready to seize the opportunities of being outside the single market and the customs union.

On medical supplies, the Government’s priority is to ensure that patients continue to have access to medicines and medical products they need. The Government is working closely with the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS, and others in the supply chain to ensure that precautions are in place.

To minimise disruption that may occur at the end of the transition period, we have secured freight capacity to safeguard the flow of Category 1 goods such as human and veterinary medicines, medical devices, and clinical consumables regardless of the outcome of the negotiations.

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