Closed petition Compulsory home checks and abusers database to protect animals

Require animal breeders and shelters to conduct home checks physically or virtually on anyone coming to them to rehome or adopt an animal. This is to provide education, ensure commitment and look out for the best interests of the animal.

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The Government should also create a national database of those banned from keeping animals to allow registered breeders and shelters to check they are not dealing with a convicted animal abuser.

PDSA stated that a high number of people underestimated the cost and responsibilities of having a pet when purchased from a breeder rather than an animal shelter. They said this is because most shelters conduct an informative home check to ensure realistic expectations. The ‘Animal Welfare Report 2019’ shows a high percentage of animal owners are not meeting the basic needs of their pets. This is harmful to their wellbeing. This could be reduced via education, home checks and the use of a cruelty database.

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