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Petition Legalize Personal Light Electric vehicles (PLEVs) such as e-scooters, EUC, etc.

PLEVs / Mincromobilities are a solution for fast and clean transport. PLEVs are environmentally friendly and could reduce traffic congestion issues. These should legalized to be ridden where bicycles are legally allowed.

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A new way to travel. Why PLEVs / Micromobility should be legal for public roads.

1. They are environmentally friendly
2. They could dramatically reduce traffic congestion issue
3. Potential market of £150b

UK is always been one of the leaders in innovations, we do not want to be left out on this modern way of transportation.

A survey of over 3,000 of riders across Europe found that electric bikes accounted for 38% fewer insurance claims compared to pedal bike riders, on average.

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