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Petition Fund a Breeding Dog Register and Welfare Inspectors

Each year thousands of puppies are born to dogs who have not had rudimentary health tests for hereditary diseases, conformation & breathing issues. This leads to countless puppies suffering lifetimes of pain and discomfort and in many instances reduced quality of life and even reduced life itself.

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The Government should provide funding for:

1. A Breeding Dog Register – all breeding dogs would have to have a health certificate saying they meet the health standard for that particular breed. Significantly reducing dogs being born with hereditary diseases, conformation and breathing issues.

2. Dog welfare inspectors for each local authority area who would check health certificates, breeders and their premises

3. Local authorities to challenge welfare, cruelty and poor breeding practices in court.

This could be funded by requiring all owners whose dogs breed to pay for and obtain a breeding license, and all dog owners to pay for and obtain a dog ownership license.

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