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Petition Work internationally to ban use of tax havens for offshore banking

In light of the recent BBC Panorama report ‘Banking Secrets of the Rich and Powerful’, HM Government needs to take urgent steps to completely end the use of tax havens.

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HM Government should begin the process of a broader international appeal to win hearts and minds from all other countries who provide these facilities. It will be essential to have the entire banking community on board with this.

Humanity as a whole, is living in unprecedented times due to the pandemic. It will be many years before the world sees a return to a normal way of life. There is an estimated $15 Trillion invested in tax havens around the world by wealthy individuals & corporations, many of whom appear to be pursuing a course of tax avoidance. Governments are borrowing heavily & they need tax receipts to pay their loans & provide a better society for us all. Billions could be harvested annually if these schemes are banned.

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