Closed petition Set minimum energy efficiency standards for retail fridges

Supermarket refrigeration uses 1% of the UK's energy.
Inefficient fridge design leads to:
1) wasted energy
2) food spoilage and waste as temperature varies across the cabinet
3) increased plastic packaging to protect food that is kept at the wrong temperature

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The world is under threat from the effects of global warming.

Legislating for improved fridge efficiency should help reduce our carbon footprint and prevent climate change.

Fridge doors may be useful, but can cause problems with hygiene (particularly since the covid-19 pandemic) and for people with mobility issues. Therefore the aim should be improving efficiency whilst maintaining the open design if possible.

I propose legislating for a target of 50% improvement in energy efficiency over the next 10 years.

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Other parliamentary business

Tell MPs what you think about the Climate Assembly’s recommendations for net-zero emissions

MPs from six select committees of the House of Commons joined together to set up a citizens’ assembly on climate change to look at how the UK should reach its commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
The Climate Assembly UK brought together 108 people from across the UK. Together they were representative of the wider UK population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, educational level, where in the UK they live, whether they live in an urban or rural area, and how concerned they are about climate change.
They worked together to create recommendations to Government.

How can you help? 

MPs want to know what you and your communities think about the recommendations made by the assembly.

Discuss these questions with your school, workplace, family or community group and submit a joint response. It’s a great opportunity to hear others’ views on these issues and to share the outcomes of your discussions with MPs.

Share your answers via this online survey:

Please return your responses by Friday 20th November 2020.  

Read more about the Assembly and its recommendations:

Information provided in the survey will be used to inform the select committees’ ongoing work on net zero greenhouse gas emissions.  

What is a Select Committee?

Select Committees are cross-party groups of MPs. They are independent of the Government. 
Find out how Select Committees work: