Closed petition Replace UK whistleblowing law, and protect whistleblowers and the public

The Government should reform whistleblowing law to: require disclosures be acted upon and whistleblowers protected, with criminal and civil penalties for organisations and individuals failing to do so, establish an independent parliamentary body on whistleblowing, and provide easy access to redress.

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We believe the Public Interest Disclosure Act fails to protect whistleblowers, the public and the public purse. It doesn't compel protection, nor ensure investigation of disclosures or correction of wrongdoing. It doesn’t prevent cover ups, and gives inadequate redress after serious, irreparable harm, and can lead to wasteful, destructive litigation. Only 3% of cases succeed at hearing.

A new whistleblowing Bill by Dr Philippa Whitford MP contains several good practice elements which can inform debate on replacing PIDA

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